The best TalkTalk broadband deals in August 2018

The best TalkTalk broadband deals in August 2018


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We can’t imagine that TalkTalk internet is the name that first pops into your head when you start researching a new broadband deal for your home. But since breaking away from Carphone Warehouse more than five years ago and into broadband, it has become one of the very cheapest internet providers on the market.

And it doesn’t stop at inexpensive broadband only deals. Because TalkTalk also comes up with some truly spectacular prices on broadband and TV deals. Take a look at our price comparison tool above to whittle down the best internet plan for your household. Or, if you want some more information about what TalkTalk offers, then keep on reading.

Prefer to order by phone? Then call 08000-492-103 and speak to an adviser dedicated to TalkTalk broadband deals. 

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TalkTalk broadband packages compared – what broadband speed can I get with TalkTalk?

It’s one of the trickier decisions you’ll have to make when choosing your broadband deal – do you save money with standard ADSL or splash the extra on a superfast fibre broadband package? Your options on TalkTalk are as follows:

TalkTalk Fast Broadband

To be honest, the name is slightly misleading here. TalkTalk’s so-called Fast Broadband is around the same speed as any other provider’s standard ADSL (average 11Mb, so around 1MB per second downloads) internet connection. But TalkTalk is invariably around the cheapest providers on the market. TalkTalk Fast Broadband includes:

  • Avg 11Mb speed
  • Super Router
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Super-Safe antivirus from F-Secure

TalkTalk Faster Broadband

If there are several members in your household who all use the internet simultaneously, it’s well worth the extra few pounds a month to upgrade to TalkTalk’s superfast fibre optic offering – Faster Broadband. That way, you reduce the chance of being frustrated by laggy video streams, slow downloads and sluggish web surfing. It’s not available everywhere however, so use our postcode checker at the top of the page to see whether fibre is available where you live. TalkTalk Faster Broadband includes:

  • Avg 35Mb speed 
  • Super Router
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Super-Safe antivirus from F-Secure

 TalkTalk Faster Fibre Broadband with Speed Boost

Upgrade to Speed Boost and take your broadband up to an average 63Mb – that’s not far off 8MB per second! This has to be your choice if you intend to stream 4K TV and films. Go for this package and you can more or less forget any concerns about interrupted internet use, regardless of how many people are trying to access it at once. Faster Fibre Broadband with Speed Boost includes:

  • Avg 63Mb speed 
  • Super Router
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Super-Safe antivirus from F-Secure

Can I order TalkTalk broadband deals over the phone?

Thanks to our dedicated call centre, you can indeed. Just dial 08000-492-103 and you can go through the entire purchasing process over the blower. Quite a nice option if you’re still undecided about TalkTalk.

What TalkTalk broadband and TV packages can I add?

If you’re looking for a one stop broadband and TV shop, then TalkTalk is your friend. Pay a bit more upfront, and you can add the regular Freeview channels. While you can also choose to pay more a month for subscription TV packages. £25 or £50 gets you either TalkTalk’s TV Lite or TV Plus set-top box, each of which lets you pause and rewind live TV. The Plus allows you to record up to 180 hours, too. qand then there are the channel packages:

TV Select 13 popular channels including Sky One, Sky Living and Comedy Central

Entertainment 30 channels including the TV Select options and the likes of Fox, Gold and National Geographic

Kids 10 channels just for little ones, including Nick Jnr. and the Disney Channel

Sky Cinema Each of the 11 Sky Cinema channels plus 1,200+ films on demand

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What is the TalkTalk Super Router?

No matter which TalkTalk broadband plan you opt for, you’ll be sent the standard TalkTalk router – the grand sounding TalkTalk Super Router. It’s delivered free of charge and TalkTalk describes it as featuring the “best performance in class”. 

How long will my TalkTalk broadband contract last?

TalkTalk used to be pretty flexible on this, but not any more. Except for the off promotional deal, you’ll be on an 18 month contract whether you go for standard ADSL internet or a super fast TalkTalk fibre broadband deal.

Do I get a TalkTalk landline?

You do indeed. Every TalkTalk broadband package comes with a landline included in the price. And it throws in free call privacy features as well, including caller display, anonymous caller reject and last caller barring. 

TalkTalk doesn’t have the usual array of different calling plans that other providers offer. But you can add Unlimited UK Calls – giving as many calls as you like to UK mobiles and landlines – or choose from one of three international call packages.

If you’re worried that you’ll have to change telephone number when you switch to TalkTalk, there’s really no need to be. Like most other providers (e.g. BT, Sky, Plusnet, etc), TalkTalk uses an Openreach landline. And if you were previously with Virgin, it’s easy to ‘port’ your number over.

Can I add TalkTalk mobile?

This is a very easy one to answer – it’s a big, fat NO. Or at least not at the moment. TalkTalk isn’t currently doing mobile contracts, but its website suggests that it isn’t far away on the horizon. We’re hoping that when it does, TalkTalk will follow the likes of Vodafone and EE by offering discounts if you take both services.

To transfer to TalkTalk Broadband now, head to our comparison table at the top of this page and narrow down your perfect plan. Alternatively, you can head straight to the TalkTalk Shop.